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You are a novice mage, sent to the an old temple ruin to advance your training to apprentice. 

Solve puzzles to advance and use your new spells.


This version is localised in the first room, to introduce the ability to use a simple spell and learn how the spell book operates.

Current Features:

  • Item Anchoring
  • VR Movement Options
  • Simple Light Spell


- Not currently in development


Right Track Pad = Quick Select Spell.

Right Trigger = Fire Spell/Interact With Book.

Right Grip = Dismiss Spell.

Left Track Pad = Movement.

Left Trigger = Currently Unassigned.

Left Grip = Anchor Book To Hand or Belt.

Recommended Settings

Developed and Tested with HTC Vive.

May not run correctly with Oculus Rift.

Any feedback is appreciated.

University Third Year Project.


SpellSlinger-0.1.1.zip 20 MB

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